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Development of performance

Project name National Taiwan Symphony Orchestra - Video platform
Project web site http://vod.ntso.gov.tw
Application Develop Java/asp/Mssql
System Description Integration of historical collections, convert digitized, stored in the system database to provide real-time music information, audio and video digitization, platform streaming, a rich database.
Project name Video interactive system
Project web site Ask WELL POWER service personnel to obtain the test URL, account and password
Application Develop Java/asp/Oracle
System Description One-on-one and one-to-many video dialog, Dialogue and written communication, Group Windows can use Sketchpad, Real-time online discussion, while uploading the manuscript text file (support files: jpg, PDF, Word, Excel),
Project name S&J CORPORATION - Portal of the machine tool
Project web site http://www.machinetools.net.tw
Application Develop PHP/MySQL
System Description Large-scale professional portal, website optimization and SEO ranking professional planning.
Project name Budget, Accounting and Statistics Office - Earnings fund system
Application Develop .net/java
Project name E-Development - Phone fun map system development
Application Develop Android
Project name Chaoyang University of Technology - Electronic document system
Application Develop PHP/MySQL/JSP