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What is iKeeper IDC Management System:

iKeeper is a bandwidth monitor, network application and analysis tools.Dependence of enterprise networks with the increasing network traffic, iKeeper can effectively assist the network administrator, reduce loading, Improve performance and Performance.

iKeeper provide complete information to solve the potential problems of network:
  • Line abnormal warning -CRC error / Interface
  • Equipment malfunction -CPU / Memory loading
  • Traffic Anomaly -Band width / Net flow
  • Through the iKeeper details of detection and active alarms, you can be resolved before the problem occurs, through iKeeper integration related network information to enhance the network performance.
  • iKeeper active network connections monitoring and management, provide real-time network behavior and monitoring reports, management of human interface.
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iKeeper provide real-time network usage information:

  • Real-time network status
  • State of the flow efficiency
  • Bandwidth usage analysis
  • Communications immediately
  • Improve the account security mechanisms
  • Number of contact management
  • An interface can browse all of the network equipment
  • Online management of network devices
  • Separate a single interface for network equipment to do surveillance
  • Use the Internet to view the status of all devices and flow
  • Real-time MRTG graph
  • Event Viewer - Master Troubleshooting status and progress
  • Real-time detection
  • CI customization of the Banner
  • Humanized operation interface
  • Centralized network management
  • Unlimited time Location
  • Flexible customized services
  • For SMEs, we also provide leasing hardware
  • Free to maintain and update
  • Reduce the risk of information security
  • Reduce operating costs
  • Simple, easy and convenient operation
iKeeper, ISP industry to easily grasp the state of customer service equipment, provide a complete report information, Improve the overall ISP corporate image, also suitable for large, medium and small enterprises, easy to manage complex network equipment, if you are a small business, and the lack of MIS personnel to manage network devices, you can also contact us iKeeper rental service, Let us provide you with a professional MIS staff, reduce your cost of doing business, to create maximum profits!

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