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WELL POWER is using FarEasTone IDC, that is the best in the industry.

  • Enterprise host connected to the network center, reduce the risk of the corporate network delay.
  • Shockproof construction for more than seven, professional telecommunications room, save the costs of the huge engine room.
  • International ISP Interfacing is the most, With sufficient bandwidth sources, reduce the risk of international bandwidth.
  • Have system preservation and central monitoring, provide year-round network monitoring and maintenance, professional management of devices and networks, assist enterprises to focus on competition.
  • Integration of network services, to assist business planning long-term development blueprint.
  • 11 of IDC introduction in Taiwan, local service, save the cost of maintenance of the host.
  • IDC room are passed ISO27001 standard certification.
  • Services:Customer entered the process, Equipment replacement process, Backup process.
  • Have External bandwidth than 10G (Full Transit).
  • Double-loop redundant.
  • Support DDOS defensive attack service.